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The Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) under the Ministry of Planning, Statistics and Informatics Division is the only national statistical office (NSO) in the country. Since its inception, this organization has been working relentlessly to collect, prepare statistics and publish data on the country's population, agriculture, industry, economy, demography and various socio-economic issues by anticipating the user's demand and data needs. In keeping up with the modern era of information flow, the organization is also publishing electronic copies (soft copies) of all reports through the website in addition to the traditional method (publication of hard copy reports) of preparing and delivering up-to-date and timely statistics.
Government policymakers and private users, researchers, teachers, students, development partner’s staff and all users are welcome to the official website of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS).

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Per capita income - 2,591.00 US (2020-21) | Gross domestic product - GDP - 44,392,733.00 Million BDT (2022-2023) | Gross national income - GNI - 36,160.00 Billion BDT (2020-21) | Imports - 6,023.00 Billion BDT (2020-21) | Inflation - 6.50 % (January 2022) | Exports - 3,764.00 Billion BDT (2020-21) | Rural, Consumer Price general Index - 289.00 % (June 2021) | Estimated resident population - 168.00 Million (2020) | Urban, Consumer Price general Index - 297.00 % (June 2021) | Employed population - 61.00 Million (4th quarter 2017) | Unemployed population - 3.00 Million (2016-17) | Unemployment rate - 4.20 % (2016-17) |
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National Statistics Day 2022
On 26 August 1974, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman consolidated four government departments and established BBS as the National Statistical Organization (NSO).
Population & Housing Census 2022
Population and Housing Census is the single most important statistical activity in any country, which plays an essential role in public administration, development planning and policy making. The next Bangladesh population census will start soon.
Sustainable Development Goals Tracker
Enable tracking of Bangladesh’s progress towards attainment of SDGs and other national development goals through a web-based information repository. This unique, searchable database provides a snapshot of what those global and national priorities are. Users can get the latest updates of the status of implementation of those goals along with the facilities of data visualization in multiple ways.

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